Real Cases/Real People

In my more then 15years of professional experience I had helped many individuals to achieve their therapeutic goals and desired outcomes.

Here are some examples;

A couple with 2 young children in their 14 yers of marriage,came to me
To overcome betrayal issue.
First. They both strived to keep their marriage, especially having 2 little children. It was a lot at sake.
Second. We worked on their underlining issues that caused the betrayal.
Third. With eclectic variety of interventions
Such; CBT, DBT,FSBT and Narrative approaches together we started gradually to learn on how to build and support the trust between two.
Good news, they are married. In addition
They learn additional skills on how to overcome difficulties in their communication and relationship with each other.

Second case;
A middle aged couple came to me with issues related to abandonment and forgiveness.
The wife is a very successful in her career.
The husband was relying on wife's career, where she was able to help him with his job opportunity.
They both had 3 children. Into their 7y of marriage. He left and year later remarried.
The wife never remarried.
15 years later, the husband decided to come beck.
In addition he had bipolar disorder, which caused him some difficulty in his marital and social interactions.
The wife felt that she is willing to rebuild their relationship, where their children had very difficult time to except new statuesque.
After 8 month of our therapeutic work together with the couple.
First, We all tried to understand and realize on how to separate past and present. Utilizing SFBT model.
In addition building new communication skills.
Soon,their younger 17 y. old daughter left home, to go to her first semester in college.
She was living in dorms,for the first time in her life,where many students that she met,had parties involving alcohol and drugs.
At the end of her second semester, her family was notified that she was trying to commit suicide.
She was hospitalized in the hospital.
After hospital discharge. She reached out to me.
I started working with the Young teen with DBT, CBT, EFT interventions and at the same time referred her to Dr.Amen, well known Psychatrist.
In addition again, I referred her to very good Naturopath Dr.Shawtser.
With all the wholistic help needed, she was able to overcome her acute distress.
After short period of time she was able to recover and asked me and her parents permission ,to travel to Far East with organized group. We all agreed.Today she is fully recovered, has a boyfriend.
Her parent are together.
They purchased new real-estate and moved in together.
The oldest son moved to LA to start his Masters in Accounting.
The middle son moved to VA with his girlfriend.

Third case, where I met with a couple and their 5children.
They all worked together in family buisness, that the husband with the help of his wife build.
Most of their life's they and their mother felt, that their father was emotionally abusive, a specially toward the wife and the older son.
I met with the wife,after almost 35years of her marriage, trying to break the cycle of abuse. Also their children tried to establish buisness independence from their father.
First, we tried to reach out to the husband
In variety of therapeutic interventions such as Imago model, Narrative approach, Focused Solutions strategy,to be able identify and take his responsibility for his volatile behavior. At the same time empowering the wife and children.
Second. Establishing better communication between all family members,in understanding fathers and mothers relationships dynamics.
In addition trying to mediate and create a buisness plan and strategy, on how to create common grounds with all family members.
Also advising them to hire an appropriate Ligal group to separate buisness, according to all parties involved.
Presently children hired a buisness law group and separated their buisness from the family entity.
The wife moved out and living independently.
At the same time ,she is still in relationship with her husband. They both,with my help,still trying to find the middle ground approach,on how to stay together.