Elephant In The Room

Practical solutions to eliminate the Unspoken
To reignite language of Love, Care, Respect and Trust 

In every relationship we come to crossroads
On how, what, when and which, or never, to say It!! 

We need to remember, that the meaning of Love, is to be at any given time courageous, in saying it, but how?

  1. Prioritize, what is the most important, or dear to you, in this relationship.
  2. Have considerable time with your self, in meditation, in contemplation, and writing.
  3. When you are with your self, learn on how to speak, from your heart and feel it.
  4. Develop a plan and a strategy, on how to approach him/her.
  5. Choose the appropriate time and environment for your dialog.
  6. When you learn on how to speak from your heart, it is very important to look gently into your partner’s eyes. Start speaking softly, from your heart ,by using the key words; I feel. My love. My darling.
  7. Remember be thankful and grateful with your partner.
  8. After each important dialog, reward each other.

By recreating a safe, trustworthy and caring environment, we can renew our Love, and become much closer to each other.