Conflict Resolutions

As Focused Solutions Therapist in Golden Bridge, NY


  I am providing a reflective mirroring, with expertise, to reflect the relationship's difficulties in order to create, potential direction for change. 
 Also empowering their relationship, to take control of its own destiny, to be able to make  vital decisions.
 I am helping  the couple to change their old points view and improve communications.
As the result  with the new tools, they are able to expend and reorganize key emotional responses in this renewed  relationship.

There are 3 main ingredients:
Which can bring long-term relationship or marriage, to a Stand- still. 

  1. Loss in desire to be compassionate with each other. 
  2. Loss of trust, for hidden  reasons. 
  3. Loss in respect and care, for each other. 

 Such deep rutted emotions, in couple’s relations,  can bring them, to a point of NoReturn. Deep confusion, stress filled with anger, resentment, and eventually, a consideration for divorce, settles in. 

 At this junction, so to speak, ALL IS,Lost in Translation! Couples therapist/Marriage and Family Therapist, Can be the One, for immediate Conflict Resolution; for mediation, stress management and divorce resolution.

If you are interested in conflict resolution counseling, you can contact Innes Frey at (914) 473-4358 .

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