Children's Book

written by Innes Frey

In memory for my beloved parents Roza and Boris Gotskozik, I dedicate this book to all parents and children.

You are always in my Mind and forever in my Heart.

My Parents, as Holocaust survivors, with all their life’s hardships, could open their Courageous Hearts, with such Love and Care. 

 In today's comfortable and free of hardship life style, I am perplexed, on how  many families, with so much abundance, are not able,or not capable of giving Love and Care to their children?

My Dear parents Loving Experience, left me with a LIFE, that is filled with LOVE and Care legacy. As the result, I am able to channel,

 On how to open others peoples Hearts and help them to fill it with Courage, Love and Care, for their children. 

Diary of a New Born

Day of creation, Day of light, Day of joy
When colors are bright
Everything is blooming
In the Valleys of Paradise!

Happiness, Happiness!
And a sudden cry!
Yoa, Yoa...A Child is Born?!
A Child is born!
Who Are You!

Eyes are closed. Lips are tight
Little fingers trying to touch
And here We are?!

Mothers breast, nipple!
O Pleasure, God Creator!
How loving and tasty life can be!

Day 2.

Big Bleu eyes are open.
Looking, Searching, Absorbing the Nature,
Reflecting the colors;
Green, Yellow, Blue
Who is this magician, painter,
That created this picture?!
Child is smiling, wondering
How colorful life can be!

Day 3.

To open eyes and feel
Worm, Loved and Secure
There is my Mother smiles at me
There is my Father trying to entertain me

Day 4.

And Who is that sweet little girl?!
Probably related to me
What fun it is to find, My new friend!
How Lucky my life can be!

Day 5

My favorite time is to eat
What pleasure and divine!
When My Mothers energy covers me,
With a Loving blue-white light!
How full of LOVE and CARE
Life can Be!

Day 6

My sweet little friend came to me
And She is trying to communicate with me;
Toys, songs, funny noises,
But the most important
I realize!
Is She Looks like my mother, or father, or me?!
Yes She is my sister, my best friend!
How many changes in life, there can be!

Day 7

Light begins with new noises out side
Suddenly I see two people with white heads
One with a big white mustache
And another is with a bright floral hat

First they scared me
Next I felt a gentle kiss and another kiss
Hug, hug, hug!
I realized, that they care and Love me,
Like Mom, Dad and my little sister my sweet friend

At night, when there is no more light
I dream about my new family, my new friends
By the morning I was wet!
Mom! Dad! I need Help!
It is not so comfortable to sleet in a wet bed

Day ; Epilog

Me and my family are out side
In front of my eyes began again the Valleys of Paradise;
Colors, noises, happiness and Joy!
Life is so precious with every New Born!
Please Parents! Don't try to destroy New Born Lives
That have been created in the Valleys of Paradise!

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