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Innes Frey founded Family Solutions of Westchester, which provides therapeutic services for individuals, couples and families, more than 18 years ago. Innes utilizes an innovative, short-term therapeutic approach ,that focuses on positive reinforcement to achieve change. Her main goal is, to help people to  come to an understanding, of their own unique pattern of communication in their relationships. 

 During Innes’ theoretical and practical life experiences, she quickly came to the realization, that her life’s mission and desired legacy is all about helping to guide people on their personal journey, to be able to change their lives for the better.

 Innes has an extensive professional background working in a variety of medical and human service fields including: Working as a Holistic practitioner in  a Family Holistic Center. As a Social worker in outpatient clinics. Marriage and Family therapist ,in family services and adoption agencies.   

 She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology Sciences, from  State University of New York, at SUNY Purchase. In addition, Innes Frey received her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, from University of Fairfield ,in Connecticut. 

About Family Solutions of Westchester 

Family Solutions of Westchester LLC  uses an innovative,refreshing and short-term therapeutic approach.By focusing on the positive reinforcement of targeted solutions, the desired change, or outcome, is achieved. Innes Frey is  working with individuals, couples and families. She is providing guidance and skills, in parenting,divorce with mediation support and anxiety management. For more than 18 years, Innes Frey’s goal has been, in helping individuals and families on how to gain, an understanding of their own unique pattern of communication in relationships, to be able to improve  personal growth. For more information about Family Solutions of Westchester LLC. please visit: http://www.innesfreytherapy.ne...


 Years in Practice: 18+ Years
School: Fairfield,CT
Year Graduated: 2001 

Avg Cost (per session): $100-$250
Sliding Scale: Yes
Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, Check 

Additional Credentials 

Degree: Fairfield University/MA
Year graduated: 2001

Degree: Columbia University/MS

 Degree: State University of New York/BS

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